Sitemap - 2020 - The Highlighter Article Club

#274: The Best Articles of 2020 ⭐️ 🎉

#273: Seeing At The Speed Of Sound

#272: Sociology’s Race Problem

#271: The Promise

Appreciations & Reflections: Thank you for discussing “Theater of Forgiveness”

VIP #9: The Highlighter Game Show!

#270: Language Keepers

A conversation with Hafizah Geter, author of “Theater of Forgiveness”

#269: Things Ain’t Always Gone Be This Way

Let’s meet co-facilitator Sarai Bordeaux and share our first impressions of “Theater of Forgiveness”

#268: 4 Things For Right Now

It’s November! Let’s read and discuss “Theater of Forgiveness,” by Hafizah Geter

#267: America In Line

A conversation with Stephanie McCrummen, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author of “Miranda’s Rebellion”

#266: How The 1619 Project Took Over 2020

#265: The Store That Called The Cops On George Floyd

It’s time to share our first impressions of “Miranda’s Rebellion,” by Stephanie McCrummen

#264: Abolition For The People

It’s October! Let’s read and discuss “Miranda’s Rebellion,” by Stephanie McCrummen

#263: Is Freedom White?

Thank you for discussing “I Went to Disney World” + Our Reflections

#262: The Glorious RBG

A conversation with Graeme Wood, author of “I Went to Disney World”

#261: Climate Migration Will Reshape America

It’s time to share our first impressions of “I Went to Disney World,” by Graeme Wood

VIP #8: Reading Tendencies

#260: Raising A Black Family In White America

It’s September! Let’s read and discuss “I Went to Disney World,” by Graeme Wood

#259: On Witness And Respair

Thank you for discussing “Going the Distance,” by Gordy Megroz

#258: A Beautiful Life

A conversation with Gordy Megroz, author of “Going the Distance”

#257: The Douglass Republic

Share your first impressions of “Going the Distance,” by Gordy Megroz

#256: The Unraveling Of America

It’s August! Let’s read and discuss “Going the Distance (and Beyond) to Catch Marathon Cheaters,” by Gordy Megroz

#255: American Denial

#254: Nice White Parents

Thank you for discussing “Jerry and Marge Go Large” by Jason Fagone + Reflections

#253: An American Founder

A conversation with Jason Fagone, author of “Jerry and Marge Go Large”

#252: The Test Of Their Lives

Share your first impressions of Jason Fagone’s “Jerry and Marge Go Large” and meet Article Clubber Jennifer

#251: The Model Minority Myth Hurts Us All

It’s July! Let’s read and discuss “Jerry and Marge Go Large,” by Jason Fagone

#250: My Body Is A Confederate Monument

Thank you for discussing “The Mountain” by Andrew Marantz + Reflections

#249: What Is Owed

A conversation with Andrew Marantz, author of “The Mountain” and Antisocial

#248: Trying To Parent My Black Teenagers Through Protest And Pandemic

Share your first impressions of Andrew Marantz’s “The Mountain” and meet Article Clubber Kati

VIP #7: True Story

#247: Call It What It Is

It’s June! Let’s read and discuss “The Mountain,” by Andrew Marantz

#246: No One Is Coming To Save Us

#245: Sense Of Strength

Thank you for discussing Barrett Swanson’s “Lost in Summerland” + Reflections

VIP #6: The Most Popular Articles So Far This Year

#244: Shadowland

“Lost in Summerland” — What topics do we want to explore in our discussion next week?

#243: Only A Mile And A Big World Separated Us

Get to know Article Clubber Summer! & her first impressions of “Lost in Summerland”

#242: Full-Timing Families 🚐

It’s May! Let’s read and discuss Barrett Swanson’s “Lost in Summerland”

#241: The Kitchen Is Closed

Thank you for discussing Peggy Orenstein’s article + Meet Article Clubber Carina!

#240: Childhood In An Anxious Age

A Conversation with Peggy Orenstein, author of “The Miseducation of the American Boy”

VIP #5: Back To My Roots? 🌲

#239: On Anger, Autism, and Blackness

First Impressions and Questions: Peggy Orenstein’s “The Miseducation of the American Boy”

#238: Body of Lies

It’s April! Let’s read and discuss Peggy Orenstein’s “The Miseducation of the American Boy”

#237: Land-Grab Universities

CJ Hauser #4: Celebrations and reflections. (Discussions were great, thank you!)

#236: Moms 4 Housing

#235: Kindness

CJ Hauser #3: Ms. Hauser answers our questions about “The Crane Wife”!

#234: The Concussion Diaries

CJ Hauser #2: Let’s start talking about “The Crane Wife”

#233: Miranda’s Rebellion

It’s March! Let’s read and discuss CJ Hauser’s “The Crane Wife”

#232: White Men’s Roads Through Black Men’s Homes

Paul Tough #4: Celebrations and reflections. (Discussions were great, thank you!)

#231: They Sold Human Beings Here

Paul Tough #3: Mr. Tough answers our questions about “Getting an A”!

#230: Is Cannabis The Answer To Everything?

Paul Tough, Week 2: Let’s share our first impressions of “Getting an A,” plus our questions and the topics we want to explore

#229: How To End Traffic

It’s February! Let’s read and discuss Paul Tough’s “Getting an A”

Jia Tolentino #4: We did it! Celebration and Reflection

#228: Messages Across The Divide

#227: Facial Recognition

Jia Tolentino #3: Jia Speaks! What Do We Think?

#226: Against Empathy

Jia Tolentino, Week 2: What do we want to talk about?

#225: Lost In Summerland

VIP #4: Just Mercy (Wanna Go See It?)

Here we go! Let’s read and discuss Jia Tolentino’s “The Tyranny of the Ideal Woman”

#224: Under The Weather ☀️