Appreciations & Reflections: Thank you for discussing “Theater of Forgiveness”

The 11th month of Article Club is in the books! We read and annotated Hafizah Geter’s “Theater of Forgiveness” and participated in three deep, thoughtful discussions. Thank you!

Thank you to Wes, Michele, Summer, Elise S, Jim, Sonya, Peter, Renée, Trevor, Shreya, Jennifer, Molly, Elise C, Sarai, Morenike, Telannia, Toronzo, and Hafizah for joining the discussion. I’m very grateful.

Also I deeply appreciate Sarai and Summer for co-facilitating.

Big, special thanks to Hafizah for participating fully in the discussion — and for staying afterward to answer our questions!

Finally, congratulations to Peter for winning a copy of Un-American. (Sad you didn’t win? Don’t worry — the book is just a click away!)

Reflections, affirmations, and celebrations are open: What did you appreciate about this month’s Article Club?

Go ahead, shout out your fellow Article Clubbers, and if you have a message for Hafizah, I’ll be sure to send it her way.

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See you in January! I’m taking next month off to reflect on what we’ve built here and what’s next for Article Club. Please let me know if you want to share your ideas.

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