Thank you for discussing “I Went to Disney World” + Our Reflections

The ninth month of Article Club is in the books! We read and annotated Graeme Wood’s “I Went to Disney World” and participated in a thoughtful discussion. The conversation got deep!

Thank you!

Thank you to Wes, Elise C, Summer, Kati, Gail, Elise S, and Peter for joining the discussion. I’m very grateful. Also I appreciate all 150+ of you for being part of Article Club. We’re building a strong community of thoughtful readers who want to connect with each other.

Special thanks to Mr. Wood, who answered our questions fully and thoughtfully in this podcast episode. Thank you!

I can’t wait to do Article Club again. See you soon!

Reflections, affirmations, and celebrations are open: What did you appreciate about this month’s Article Club?

Go ahead, shout out your fellow Article Clubbers, and if you have a message for Mr. Wood, I’ll be sure to send it his way. Also, if you have ideas to make Article Club even better, feel free to share.

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