Oct 3, 2020 • 2M

It’s October! Let’s read and discuss “Miranda’s Rebellion,” by Stephanie McCrummen

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Welcome to October! I’m excited to announce that this month’s article is “Miranda’s Rebellion,” by Stephanie McCrummen. You’re going to love it. (Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, You’ll have strong feelings about it.)

Featured back in March in Issue #233, “Miranda’s Rebellion” explores the political transformation of a white suburban woman in Georgia and her reticence to share her new beliefs with her conservative friends and family. Here’s my original blurb:

The perfect Southern belle, Miranda Murphey grew up outside Augusta, Georgia, in a wealthy, religious, and conservative military family. She married her college sweetheart, who called her “Bombshell,” and has voted Republican all her life. But since the last election, Miranda has found herself making new friends, including Liz, who brandishes an RBG sticker on her cellphone. “Are you changing?” her friends and husband ask. Miranda doesn’t like making people feel uncomfortable, and she loves her husband, but she feels at odds with a world she once knew. At a dinner out, Miranda has a fight with Liz, and when she gets home, she sees her husband’s truck outside, and says, “I struggle with this.” It’s not clear which struggle she’s talking about. (22 min)

A national reporter at The Washington Post, Ms. McCrummen won the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for investigative reporting. Along with Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites, Ms. McCrummen revealed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s past sexual harassment of teenage girls and his attempts to cover up the scandal. She will be answering our questions in a podcast episode later this month.

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Coming up this month at Article Club
  • Sunday 9/11: We’ll share our first impressions of the article.

  • Sunday 9/18: We’ll listen to Ms. McCrummen talk about the article.

  • Sunday 9/25: We’ll discuss the article with fellow Article Clubbers.

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