Let’s read great articles and discuss them!

Hi there, I’m Mark Isero. Seven years ago, I launched The Highlighter, a weekly newsletter that features the best articles on race, education, and culture. We built a strong reading community of kind, curious people.

Then about three years ago, we expanded the project to include Article Club, a dedicated space to discuss the best articles in depth with other thoughtful readers.

I hope you’ll join me at The Highlighter Article Club, an experiment in community reading.

Every Thursday, you’ll receive my favorite 1-4 longform nonfiction articles of the week. They’ll spark new thinking. They’ll expand your empathy. They’ll bring you joy. And at least one of them will help you pause for a bit, nudge you to reflect, and urge you to think about the bigger things in life.

In addition, every month, we’ll focus our attention on one great article. Here’s how a typical month will look:

  • Week 1: We sign up and begin reading the article on our own.

  • Week 2: We annotate a shared version of the article.

  • Week 3: We listen to an interview of the author.

  • Week 4: We discuss the article together on Zoom.

Thank you for your interest! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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We read and discuss the best articles on race, education, and culture. Join us!


Mark Isero
Hi there, I write Article Club. We read, annotate, and discuss great articles on race, education, and culture. The author shares their thoughts, too. Join our kind, thoughtful reading community!