Feb 9, 2020 • 3M

Paul Tough, Week 2: Let’s share our first impressions of “Getting an A,” plus our questions and the topics we want to explore

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Hi there, Article Clubbers, and welcome to the many new members who joined this week. It’s great to see how quickly we’re growing. This month, we’re discussing Paul Tough’s “Getting an A,” a chapter from his outstanding book, The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us.

Last week, we read (and some of us vigorously annotated) the chapter. This week, we’ll begin our discussion by sharing our first impressions, questions, and topics we want to explore. If we have questions for Mr. Tough, we’ll include those, too.

If you’re new to Article Club: I’m happy you’re here! In the comments, say hi and introduce yourself. Then I’ll email you the chapter so you can join the discussion.

OK, it’s time to discuss!

  • What were your first impressions of “Getting an A”?

  • What questions do you have — for the group or for Mr. Tough?

  • What topics do you want us to explore more?

In the comments, say hi and share your thoughts. Remember, there’s no need to be smart here: Just go for it. Enjoy getting to know your fellow Article Club friends, reply to one another’s ideas, and build off one another. Most of all, have fun!

Coming up this month

  • Next Sunday, Feb. 16: Mr. Tough will answer our questions as part of a podcast episode. We’ll reflect on what he says and deepen our conversation.

  • Sunday, Feb. 23: We’ll convene in person (1-2:30 pm in Oakland) or online (4-5 pm PT via Zoom) to discuss “Getting an A” in depth.

One last thing: I want to thank Mr. Tough for getting the word out and encouraging his followers to join Article Club. I look forward to asking you our questions soon!

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