CJ Hauser #4: Celebrations and reflections. (Discussions were great, thank you!)

Article Club is even better when the author joins the discussion!

I am very appreciative! The third month of Article Club is in the books. We read and annotated CJ Hauser’s “The Crane Wife,” shared our thoughtslistened to Ms. Hauser answer our questions, and participated in two online discussions.

Thank you to Becky, Jennifer, Tony, Peter, Michele, Jessica, Dan, Kati, Sonya, Carina, Summer, Jim, Samantha, and Marni for joining the discussions last Sunday. I’m very grateful. Also I appreciate all 100+ of you for being part of Article Club. We’re building something here!

I’m especially appreciative of Ms. Hauser, who generously said YES to Article Club, and also YES to the podcast episode, and also YES to participating in our discussion. Thank you very much!

Last Sunday was great. Thoughtful readers came prepared, got to know each other, shared their questions and thoughts about the article, and pushed one another’s thinking. Ms. Hauser was kind, generous, and authentic; within minutes, everyone wanted to be her best friend.

Back in November, when I introduced Article Club, I said that we would try this experiment out for three months and then see if works. Well, it’s definitely working!

I can’t wait to do this again. This Sunday, I’ll unveil April’s article. You’re going to want to read it and discuss it with others. See you soon!

How was this month of Article Club for you? What was great, and what are your ideas to make it even better? If you like, please share your highlights and suggestions in the comments. (Email folks: Click the title to access the online version of this post, and then scroll to the bottom. Or you can just hit reply!)

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