Join us on Sunday, Feb. 26 to discuss Naomi Gordon-Loebl’s outstanding essay

January 2023

I’ll say it again: Mitchell S. Jackson knows how to write
#377: An interview with E. Alex Jung, author of “The Spectacular Life of Octavia Butler”Please come join our discussion on Sunday, January 29
Animals, vegans, artificial intelligence, the elderly, and inheritance
Join us on Sunday, January 29 to discuss E. Alex Jung’s outstanding profile

December 2022

Let me introduce you to my new Kindle Scribe ✏️ 📖
My favorite three articles and my favorite interview of the year
Also: Wordle, T-Shirts, and can you predict the Article of the Year?
Remembering the past, reporting the reading wars, and saving your cat’s life

November 2022

On this Thanksgiving: An ode to reading, Octavia E. Butler, and the pain of feedback
What gets in the way of our reading?And: Do we want to do anything about it?
Top surgery, Moms for Liberty, and the decline of college