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Discussion Thread: Share your first impressions of “Private Schools Are Indefensible”We’re one week away from our discussion! Let’s try something new: Share one thought OR one quote from the article OR one topic you’d like to exp…
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Listen: “Private Schools Are Indefensible,” by Caitlin FlanaganAlso, if you’re interested in joining this month’s discussion, please sign up!
It’s July! Let’s read and discuss “Private Schools Are Indefensible,” by Caitlin FlanaganAn article on how fancy independent schools promote inequity and hypocrisy
Interview: Amirah Mercer, author of “A Homecoming”Ms. Mercer shares how she has found liberation through plant-based eating
It’s June! Let’s read and discuss “A Homecoming,” by Amirah MercerAn article on finding empowerment in the history of Black veganism
A delightful article with a delightful community of readers
Interview: Lauren Markham, author of “The Crow Whisperer”Ms. Markham generously shares her thoughts on animal-human communication, writing and reading for delight, and the great escape of Gerald the Turkey.
Bonus: Meet Article Clubber Molly!Molly is great, plus she shares her first impressions of “The Crow Whisperer.”
Listen and annotate: “The Crow Whisperer,” by Lauren Markham“The Crow Whisperer” is a delightful article about crows, crow whisperers, the intelligence of animals, and our connection with the natural world.
It’s May! Let’s read and discuss “The Crow Whisperer,” by Lauren MarkhamThis article’s for you if you love animals, appreciate nature, and embrace the quirky.