Dec 15, 2019Liked by Mark Isero

Hello! This is Tony and I am excited about Article Club! Here are things that I am excited about: while I love getting the highlighter I do not always read the articles as much as I should this will help me be more accountable I do not live in the Bay area so I do not get to go to the happy hour events to discuss articles so this is a nice opportunity to see what that feels like. I'll be sure to drink first. Finally, because people don't often buy comments on the highlighter I don't get to hear what people think and part of how I comprehend what I read is hearing what others think about it.

Mark, i like the three guidelines you suggested. Some articles are pretty loaded politically so it may be tough to keep our own views out of it but maybe we should start with an article that makes it easy to practice these guidelines? At some point it would be nice to use some sort of video online resource so we can all see each other as we discussed the articles. Just a thought! Paz!

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