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Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for sharing insightful articles and leading article club all the time!

As I'm a big fan and believer of social annotation & learning-in-public, what you do really resonates with me! In terms of social annotation, it reminds me of Hypothesis (https://hypothes.is/) but what you do here is more focused on cohort and group. I like the focus!

As collective learning is how humans got smarter across generations, this is a great way to expand one's horizons! That's a part of the reasons why I'm building Glasp (https://glasp.co/), a social web highlighter. I assume we have similar vision and mission but with different approaches to achieve them. Our mission at Glasp is to democratize access to other people's learnings by allowing them to leave their learnings. I believe it gives the person a sense of contribution to humanity and a reason of being/existence. That's what I feel and believe.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for taking initiatives in this area and leading such a meaningful project!



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Thank you for the kind words, Kazuki! Ever since I discovered Diigo as a teacher way back when, I’ve always believed in the power of online personal and social annotation. Our group shared annotation here at Article Club has certainly deepened our discussions. If you’re interested, it’d be great to have you join one of our conversations!

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