May 10, 2020Liked by Mark Isero

I love the reclaiming of "Gemini"! Thanks, Summer, for talking about the theme of belonging. I think that connects back to last month's Article Club text, when we were talking about what it means to belong as a boy/adolescent male. Just in very different contexts! Still a sort of "brotherhood" though. I also appreciated what you said about Article Club not needing to grow for the sake of growth! I felt really validated by that in terms of what I'm doing for work now - I'm an administrator who decides how many classes to offer the community, so when my brain goes "oh it has to be bigger and better," I don't always need to listen. Thanks for sharing!

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May 17, 2020Liked by Mark Isero

thank you so much for the note! my heart is warmer because of it. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on "Lost in Summerland" :)

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