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Andriana Mendoza hit home for me with her “Fat Girl Allegory.” My mother was a model, exotic in her features, her every move elegant. My father always used to tell me, “You know, kittie, the nearer to bone, the sweeter the meat!” At 10, I had no clear understanding of its meaning but I deeply felt threatened; in response, I gorged on whole boxes of cookies and entire quarts of ice cream. Years later, as a child sexual abuse prosecutor, I learned he was what psychiatrists term a “latent pedophile.”

Then I went from chuckles to cursing. Ashley’s story will become sadly common as long-standing rights are stripped from the most vulnerable among us. What conservatives don’t get is that, when some people lose their rights, soon nobody has any rights.

Thank you so much for sharing these enlightening articles, Mark. Your choices are consistently brilliant.

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Hi Dee, thank you so much for your close reading — and for your contributions here in the comments. I agree with you about “Fat Girl Allegory.” I may want to reach out to Ms. Mendoza to see if she would like to participate in Article Club.

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That would be AWESOME!

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