Jan 13, 2019 • 34M

#41: Author Brian Broome, “79”

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Mark Isero
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When I featured “79” as one of last year’s best three articles (see Issue #173), naturally I wanted to speak to author Brian Broome. He graciously accepted the invitation, and I’m honored to present our conversation to you, loyal Highlighter Podcast listeners!

In the interview, Brian talks about how he became a writer in rehab, how the first piece of writing he submitted got published, and how “79” began as a rant against white supremacy. We also explore the effects of capitalism and white supremacy on Black people and the perils of respectability politics.

If you haven’t read “79” yet, do so now! and then come back to listen to our conversation. Also, you’ll want to check out more of Mr. Broome’s writing, so head on over to brianbroome.com.

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