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Here in Orange County, our Huntington Beach neo-Nazi city council wants to sue CA over its housing mandates. 17 jurisdictions have tried this and failed, costing their cities millions. And our GOP MAYOR lives in subsidized housing!

Still, dense housing is going up seemingly everywhere here, so compactly built I can’t see inner windows that look at walls very close by getting much light or air at all. Surely there should be adequate planning for all residents to have access to sunlight and fresh air, as well as A/C. People should be able to have a potted plant or two, right?

There are no green spaces and no trees; these projects will increase, not decrease, hot zones that will soon turn deadly for cities.

Every household in 1500 B.C. Minoan Crete, rich and not rich alike, had plenty of sunlight, adequate air, a patio or courtyard, and running water--shouldn’t we expect that in the 21st century & beyond? Without adequate construction design regulations, we’ll only be building more deadly projects like Nickerson Gardens and Jordan Downs in Watts: buildings that tore down residents’ humanity. I can already see it in what’s being built in my city.

We are capable of building fast and we should be capable of building well, too. Are developers supporting NIMBYs by building to inadequate standards? This reminds me of Louisiana, ranking 50th in almost every metric of habitability--& what are they doing with their money? Upgrading sports stadiums! SMH

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