Oct 14, 2019 • 4M

Want to annotate an article together?

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Why are there so many book clubs and so few article clubs? Let’s change that! Join The Highlighter Article Club, where we read, annotate, and discuss one outstanding article every month on race, education, or culture.
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Hi VIPs! This week’s audio letter is an invitation to all of you to join me in annotating an article together. Many of you know about my hope that The Highlighter, at least in part, becomes a sort of article club, where interested folks read and reflect on and annotate and think about and discuss great articles in order to make connections, build empathy, and become better people.

Want to try it out? If so, click on the fancy button below.

Annotate this article!

The article is a Google Docs version of “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation,” by Helen Anne Petersen, featured in The Highlighter #175, and one of this year’s 10 most popular articles so far.

Once you’re there, go ahead and introduce yourself up top — then start highlighting, annotating, and responding respectfully to my and other VIPs’ comments.

If this goes well, then we’ll try some other ideas with the same article, like:

  • bringing back the podcast! (with one of you as the guest)

  • responding to a provocative question that an esteemed VIP poses

  • talking it out in person locally or online nationally

  • whatever other great ideas we come up with

As always, thank you for all your support — and please let me know your honest thoughts about my latest crazy idea.