Reflections: Thank you for discussing “Motherland,” by Jiayang Fan

What did you appreciate about the discussion?

Our 12th Article Club discussion is in the books! We read and annotated Jiayang Fan’s “Motherland” and participated in three deep, thoughtful conversations. Thank you!

Thank you to Lauri, Summer, Peter, Tyler, Shreya, Wes, Molly, Toronzo, Elise S, Gail, Camille, Ainate, Sonya, Jennifer, Bora, Phoebe, Sarai, Angie, and Elise C. for joining the discussion. I’m very grateful.

Also, I deeply appreciate Sarai and Summer for co-facilitating, and I’m grateful to Jiayang for participating.

Reflections, affirmations, and celebrations are open: What did you appreciate about this month’s Article Club?

Go ahead, shout out your fellow Article Clubbers, and if you have a message for Jiayang, I’ll be sure to send it her way.

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Here are a few of my reflections:

  1. One thing that I love about Article Club is how quickly new members feel comfortable. I’m not sure how we do it (especially over Zoom), but we do it. We’ve built a safe, thoughtful space.

  2. I like that we’re growing but the discussions are still small and intimate. That’s thanks to our co-facilitators. Each conversation is unique. We’re finding that 6-8 is the right size so everyone gets a chance to speak and listen.

  3. I’m grateful that authors keep saying yes. Seriously, isn’t it great?

  4. I’m hopeful that more people will give Article Club a try. If you love to read and want to connect with other kind people, we’d love to welcome you.

See you next weekend! That’s when I’ll reveal February’s article. If you want to plan ahead, our discussion will be on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2:00 - 3:15 pm PT.

And if you like Article Club, please get the word out!

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