Apr 20, 2021 • 11M

Meet Article Clubber Lisa!

⭐️ Plus: I’m looking forward to seeing you at our discussion this Sunday

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Why are there so many book clubs and so few article clubs? Let’s change that! Join The Highlighter Article Club, where we read, annotate, and discuss one outstanding article every month on race, education, or culture.
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Hi Article Clubbers! I look forward to discussing Bill Buford’s “Baking Bread in Lyon” with you this weekend. We’ll meet on Sunday 2-3 pm PT via Zoom. Mr. Buford will be joining us! There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested.

To get ready for the discussion, I encourage you to…

  1. Annotate the article with fellow Article Clubbers.

  2. Come with a topic you’d like to explore, a question you’d like to ask Mr. Buford, or a favorite quotation from the article you’d like to share.

  3. Remember that Article Club is all about connection and community, not about appearing smart. (We’re already smart!)

After a brief introduction, we’ll get into small groups to discuss the article. Then at the end of the hour, we’ll come back together to raffle off a copy of Dirt.

Bonus: Meet Lisa!

The best thing about Article Club is the quality of its members. You are kind, thoughtful people who should all be friends. To make that happen even faster than normal, I’ll be inviting each of you to record a quick interview with me so that the Article Club community (and the entire world!) may benefit.

This month, I got to chat with Lisa, a wonderful teacher, chef, baker, food-lover, performer, writer, reader, singer, and mom. When she heard that we’d be discussing “Baking Bread in Lyon,” Lisa was on it.

I hope you listen to the interview — because Lisa is great and will inspire you. Then this weekend when you see her on Zoom, please say hi!

Article Club is a community of thoughtful people who read, annotate, and discuss one outstanding article every month. We invite the author to join our conversation, too. If you’re interested, sign up and check us out! Article Club is part of The Highlighter, a weekly newsletter featuring the best articles on race, education, and culture.