Let’s reflect: “Private Schools Are Indefensible,” by Caitlin Flanagan

Also: Do we need a Part 2 of the discussion?

Our 18th Article Club discussion is in the books! We read and annotated Caitlin Flanagan’s “Private Schools Are Indefensible” and participated in four thoughtful, rollicking conversations. Thank you!

Several of you said we needed more time and a second part of the discussion!

Thank you to Marcus, Erin, Kibos, Jennifer, Carina, Elise, Peter, Shreya, Sonya, Anne, Lauri, Summer, Lorie, John, David, Jessica, Telannia, Trevor, and Jamie for joining the discussion. I’m very grateful.

Also, I deeply appreciate Elise, Summer, and Telannia for facilitating groups, as well as Nancy for providing an audio version of the article. Also, a big welcome to Marcus, Anne, John, and Erin. Hope you felt comfortable and had a good time!

Reflections and celebrations are open:
What did you learn from the discussion? What did you appreciate?
How can we make things even better next time?

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Here are a few of my reflections:

  1. You all are kind, patient people. (This is the last time I apologize for the technical difficulties.) Thank you for hanging in there!

  2. Article Club is like spin class: It might be scary to go for the first time, but once you’re there, you like it. (And maybe you’re hooked for life?)

  3. Though I like that the main discussion is small, intimate, and goes deep, I also want more ways for us all to engage with each other about the article — and am thinking of possibilities for next time.

See you next week! That’s when I’ll reveal August’s article. If you want to plan ahead, our discussion will be on Sunday, August, 22, 2:00 - 3:15 pm PT.

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