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Let’s annotate: “When Things Go Missing,” by Kathryn Schulz

Let’s annotate: “When Things Go Missing,” by Kathryn Schulz

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This month at Article Club, we’re reading “When Things Go Missing,” by Kathryn Schulz. Big thanks to Carina, Jamie, Kira, Lauri, Toronzo, Shreya, Angela, Corinne, Peter, and Sara for already signing up for our February 27 discussion.

If you’re interested (especially if this will be your first discussion!), there’s still time to sign up (until Saturday, February 12). Here’s more information about the article. Then click the big button below.

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This week, we’re doing two things: (1) annotating the article together (2) listening to the beginning of the article and sharing our first impressions.

#1: Let’s annotate

Here’s the copy of the article we can annotate together. Annotating is a great way to connect with other Article Clubbers and share your thoughts about the piece, right inside the text. You can build on others’ comments or add your own. Try it, you’ll like it! (Remember, we don’t have to perform at AC.) Thanks for getting us started, Sara!

#2: Let’s listen to the beginning and share what we think

Back in 2017 when I first featured “When Things Go Missing” in The Highlighter, loyal reader Shyanna generously agreed to record the introduction. (Thank you, Shyanna!) To spark interest and to get conversation going, let’s listen to it (hit the play button at the top). Then, I encourage you to leave a comment.

How did you experience reading the introduction? How did it make you feel?

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Coming up this month

  • This week: We’ll annotate the article with fellow Article Clubbers.

  • Next week: We’ll listen to Ms. Schulz’ thoughts about the article.

  • The week of February 21: There will be a surprise.

  • Sunday, February 27: We’ll discuss the article with fellow Article Clubbers. Plus, I’ll raffle off a copy of Lost & Found.

Are you new to Article Club? If so, welcome! We look forward to meeting you and having your voice in the conversation. Feel free to reach out with questions:

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