Gratitude: “The Crow Whisperer,” by Lauren Markham

A delightful article with a delightful community of readers

Our 16th Article Club discussion is in the books! We read and annotated Lauren Markham’s “The Crow Whisperer” and participated in two deep, thoughtful conversations. Thank you!

Thank you to Peter, Summer, Jennifer, Barbara, Elise, Molly, Shreya, Lorie, Angelina, Daniel, Bonnie, Jamie, and Salem for joining the discussion. I’m very grateful.

Also, I deeply appreciate Elise for facilitating a discussion, Molly for being on the podcast, Sarai for interviewing Ms. Markham, and Jennifer for recording the audio version of the article. Also, a big welcome to Bonnie!

Congratulations to Summer for winning a hardcopy of The Far Away Brothers.

Reflections, affirmations, and celebrations are open:
What did you appreciate about this month’s Article Club? How can we make things better?

Go ahead, shout out your fellow Article Clubbers, and if you have a message for Ms. Markham, I’ll be sure to send it her way.

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Here are a few of my thoughts and reflections:

  1. We’re from everywhere! — the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, New Jersey, Virginia, and more. I like that Article Club is becoming a national reading community.

  2. We don’t have to read really intense articles all the time. Sometimes it’s OK to take a break and read something light and delightful.

  3. Besides the discussion, what’s your favorite part of Article Club? Annotating the article? Listening to the article? The author interview? The interview with a fellow Article Clubber? Something else?

See you next Tuesday! That’s when I’ll reveal June’s article. If you want to plan ahead, our discussions will be on Sunday, June 27 — 2:00 - 3:15 pm PT (online) and 3:30 - 5:30 pm PT (in person in Oakland).

And if you like Article Club, please get the word out!

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