May 7, 2018 • 33M

#38: Anne and Mark Banter About Reading

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Mark Isero
Book clubs are stressful. Join Article Club, a community of kind readers. We discuss one great article every month on race, education, or culture.
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Last month, we did a deep dive on reading instruction. Now it’s time to reflect on what we learned and to share some of our highlights. It’s also time to realize that we’ve just scratched the surface on reading — and that the topic deserves another month of study! Also in this episode: Anne shares her favorite article of the month from the newsletter, and Mark shares his favorite podcast episode selection from Anne-otations. We’re in a bantering mood, so please enjoy! We’d also like to hear from you. Do you think podcasts in the classroom should be considered reading? Also, what do you do if you have a ton of content to cover but know that teaching reading is important, too? Call and leave a voicemail at (415) 886-7475. Don’t be shy! --- Support this podcast: