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#357: Interview with Josh Dzieza, author of “Revolt of the Delivery Workers”

#357: Interview with Josh Dzieza, author of “Revolt of the Delivery Workers”

“In terms of how to be a better consumer, all the workers would say: Be more aware of the difficulty of the job and know where you’re ordering from.”

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This week I want to focus on something many of you might not even know: The Highlighter Article Club has a podcast, too. (Did you know?)

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I mean, it’s not a famous podcast (yet), and it comes out only once or twice a month, but I fully vouch for the quality of its content. After all, most episodes involve an interview with an outstanding journalist or author. That’s because since January 2020, our reading community has invited writers to join our monthly discussions of the very best articles on race, education, and culture. And many of them generously say yes!

This month, we’re gathering online on Aug. 28, 2:00 - 3:30 pm PT, to talk about “Revolt of the Delivery Workers,” by Josh Dzieza. I got a chance to interview Mr. Dzieza a couple weeks ago, and he thoughtfully shared how he reported the story and how the 65,000 delivery workers in New York City have fought for better wages, working conditions, safety measures, on tighter regulations of delivery apps.

I hope you take a listen! You can click on the play button above or you can subscribe to The Highlighter Article Club Podcast on your phone.

If the interview interests you, there’s still time to join our discussion on Aug. 28. We’re a kind, thoughtful group of people who enjoy thought-provoking conversations. You can sign up by clicking the button below, or you can email me with questions.

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